ACTG General Membership Solicitation

The ACTG is soliciting nominations for its leadership, science, laboratory, and resource committees. The list of available positions and eligibility requirements can be viewed by opening the View Positions link below. Committee descriptions can be found on the ACTG website at ACTG Committees

International investigators and junior investigators are strongly encouraged to submit their names in nomination to science committees appropriate to their interests. Non-US CTU PIs and CRS Leaders are also encouraged to review and consider the three new vacancies for international regional representatives; these positions are open to international CTU PIs and CRS Leaders.  



International Regional Representatives  - Tuesday, October 16, 2018  

All other positions - Monday, October 1, 2018


 The following documents must be submitted with each nomination:

Note: Please indicate in the “serving” field on the website whether the nominee is currently serving on a committee  and not in the particular vacancy role.


The ACTG’s Voting Members will review nominations to the Performance Evaluation Committee and the ACTG Executive Committee (AEC). The AEC will vote on membership of the Scientific Agenda Steering Committee. Nominations for all other committees will be distributed to the relevant committee for review and selection. The AEC will review and determine whether to endorse the selections made by the respective committees. Following the AEC review, the nominees will be notified of the election outcome. Once the committees have advised nominees of the outcome, the AEC will broadly announce the selections and post the results to the ACTG web site.


Questions regarding the nomination process should be directed to the ACTG Network Coordinating Center at


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